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Dearborn Prom

March 27, 2011 by  
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Do you get crowd surfing at your Michigan Prom DJ? Well, if Encore is there then you have a higher possibility. Don’t believe me, just ask North Famington High School. The student planning committee decided to host their Dearborn Prom at a highly regarded banquet hall called the Dearborn Inn. I’ve been told that they have hosted it there for the past 10 years in a row. It is nice to know that we have been there for the last several dances as well!

What kind of prom would this be without uplights from the pros here at Encore? We are very familiar with this banquet hall. Our lighting looks amazing, due to the fact that their main ballroom has high vaulted ceilings. It gives even color mixing, since the beam angle can travel further up the walls. The space has very neutral colors, meaning it does not over power the lighting. If you look in our photo above, you will notice how room lighting gives a nice warm glow to the space. It looked awesome at their venue.

This is a larger prom with just under 600 students. Because of the large amount of guests, we have to bring out our larger rig. Sound reinforcement is a must for events above 300 people. Their bodies will absorb the sound when on the dance floor. If you want to make sure everyone can hear your announcements, we recommend going with the upgraded sound package.

The meal started an hour after the doors opened. It was plated and we were able to sit at the table with the rest of the chaperones. We asked them how everything was going, and they really loved the fact, we brought enough sound for the space. They told us that unfortunately they hired a different company for their school’s homecoming and there wasn’t enough sound. It looks like, were going to be doing their homecoming dance next year : )

They also said that another complaint they have received at the homecoming, was that the company sounded too much like a wedding disc jockey. We were able to offer them help with our top song requests and online area. One of the great things about booking with Encore, is that you can drag and drop all your favorite songs directly through our website. The meal was over, and we got right into our live mixing format. As I mentioned earlier, the students LOVED it. If you want to make your room look just as good with bundled options, then click the image below.

Dearborn Prom DJs

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