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Elmore Ohio Block Party

March 2, 2011 by  
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You know what Encore Party DJs says… the more the merry. This was a repeat client, so we knew exactly what to expect. For Chet’s private party, he invited his whole neighborhood. I would have to say that there were 75 people that showed up. The Elmore block party started around 8pm and went until midnight. I always recommend inviting your neighbors when planning a party. Some cities have noise ordinances, and if you invite your local neighbors they are less likely to complain to the authorities.

It was great seeing some familiar faces (we did their party the year before) and some new faces. There is even this one couple that has us booked for their DJ wedding services. We were located in a tent in the backyard. It was large enough to fit everyone inside. Since the block party happened in the fall, Chet made sure there were portable heaters in the tent. Our client provided some light horderves to kept guest occupied while everyone was showing up.

We setup our disc jockey equipment inside and even had the chance to light up the ceiling canopy with our computer controlled LED lighting fixtures. It gave a really nice look, the entire changed colors. At first when guests were arriving, we kept it on a static color. However, once the music started it went with the music. It really caught guests off guard how the lighting went with the music. They expected it to stay the same color the whole night.

I would have to say that within an hour, the tent was packed. Just like last year, we did some games with the guests and had some awesome prizes for the winners. We try to keep this portion of the night to about 30 minutes. It is enough to give them a break before we really get into the dance. This is also a great way to give our gifts to those you know. The more they participate, the higher their chances are of winning. Once the sunset, it was on like Donkey Kong. Guests loved the fact the lighting changed color of the ceiling wash. It gave every song a vibe which really helped to create the mood for the block party.

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