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Fraser Graduation Party

February 8, 2011 by  
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Encore provided the Michigan DJ entertainment and lighting design for Jessica’s Vintage House event. Her Fraser graduation party was located in a small city over in Macomb County. The banquet venue is also known for their on and off-site catering. The Vintage House has space available to seat up to 450 guests in attendance.

We setup a LED fixtures in the space to help light up the room. Jessica specifically requested for the lighting to slowly change colors throughout the night. We kept the software on a slow but noticeable fade. On the wall with the uplighting, we also had a custom name monogram. It was displayed in the perfect spot. I had to say it stretched maybe 15 feet across. The lighting and monogram combination gave a really nice effect for the party!

Before you know it, everyone arrived and it was time to start the meal. The staff brought it out which was shortly followed by the cake. It was a simple graduation cake, I included a photo of it above. Our team made sure to dim the lights, because the dancing was about to commence. The family had tons of requests, and Jessica had even more. It’s always a challenge to make 2 different groups of people happy, but the end result (your packed dance floor) is well worth it! You have to remember that at graduation parties, you will have 2 diverse groups of people to accommodate. This includes older family members and younger friends. The music list has to be the right balance from the classic tunes to the top 40 jams.

Lighting really helps to impact the overall vibe. It is great because you can have it match the theme, do a smooth fade, or change with the music. So as our DJs changed up the genres, we were able to have the lighting mimic the song being played.

Event lighting has become very popular recently, and it is being done at more that just wedding receptions. Graduation parties love the fact that they can bundle lighting design into their package. Better yet, you can include a color changing photo booth to really help you capture your memories. It doesn’t matter which package you decide on with Encore. We will guarantee that we will receive high fives, hugs, and handshakes after your event. Click the image below to see just how much money we can save you.

Fraser Graduation Party DJ

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