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Halloween Party

February 10, 2011 by  
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It was that time of the year again in October, when people get their costumes on and pretend to be someone else for the day. Halloween is the best time to plan a party in your backyard. Invite your friends, and don’t forget to tell your neighbors. Everyone enjoys a good Halloween party. Janice and Chet (pictured above) hired Encore Party DJs to work their party.

We’ve been so busy with wedding receptions, that it was nice to do something a little more festive. We even got the chance to put on an outfit. I am not going to lie, I dressed as a referee. The whistle made a good addition to the event, as the music started to speed up. Now the family did not have their party in Michigan, they held it in Elmore Ohio. The party turned out to be in a tent in their backyard. It was really cold outside, so I am glad the rented a couple of heaters for the night. It helped to keep the fall chill out of the tent.

It was really cool, because a majority of the neighborhood showed up after children finished trick or treating. Since our client had a bunch of cool prizes to give away, we did some games with the guests to encourage participation. The party was a mixture of adult and children. So we had some light fun games for the younger crowd. A typical dance might be Soca Boys Follow the Leader, with us instructing guests the dance moves.

It was then onto the adults! We had a balloon pop contest, were a female contestant had to sit on a balloon (which was placed on the lap of a male contestant) in order to pop it. The first team with five balloons popped was the winner. If you had a camera, you were taking photos, because it was surely a Kodak moment.

We lite up the tent with a nice canopy wash. It was a smaller tent, with a capacity of about 75 people. Our 15 light fixture package was the right amount to color the tent ceiling. Guests took a handful of awesome videos and photos! They really enjoyed how the lights changed color with songs as we took requests. If you are planning your Michigan Halloween event, find out what we can bring to the table with bundled solutions. Click the image below or call 877.MI.EVENT.

Halloween Party DJ

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