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How to Choose a Michigan Wedding DJ

June 23, 2010 by  
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Most people go to party’s that has a boring Michigan DJ service. Your entertainer needs to be fun! How do you choose the right wedding DJ? When you meet with him to discuss your event he should be able to “WOW” you. If you don’t feel perfectly comfortable telling your DJ what your event is about, that’s a good indication that you should not select that DJ. Essentially you’re not hiring a DJ, you are hiring an entertainer, someone that will keep the crowd on their feet the whole night.

The best indication of future performance is past performance. While meeting with your entertainer you should ask for references. Of course your wedding DJ will have references unless you’re his first event. Ask for a variety of references. If they do parties this means, Bar Mitzvahs, proms, homecomings, holiday parties and whatever else comes to mind. The references are very important since this is really your only way of knowing what to expect from your event. While talking to the references make sure to take notes. After discussing with all of the references, there should be a consistent theme to notice. The references will either state that the DJ was great and the party loved him or they didn’t have the best night.

Checking with various halls would be a good idea too. If the wedding DJ provides their services to various halls within the area asking them for references is a good idea. The hall will let you know if the DJ is professional and how great or not great their entertainment is. The hall can even refer you a couple of names to call on top of what your DJ provided for you. Contacting those reference will give you a very good idea of what to expect from your entertainer.

Something else that you could do to learn about the success of your entertainer is to check if they have a website. When they have a website it shows that they have been around for some time. If they have been around for sometime then they’re probably doing a good job entertaining audiences.

When you’re considering an entertainer ask them about what else they provide. If they provide other services you have a better chance of receiving a better rate when you bundle services together. Some DJ’s provide lighting design and some provide photo booths. When looking over the total price make sure you understand what you’re paying for and don’t be afraid to ask if you’re confused. If the entertainer is not willing to explain costs to you then you shouldn’t be paying for their service.

All in all there’s a couple of things to keep in mind when selecting and picking your party DJ. The DJ should be an entertainer and he should be able to wow you and keep you on your feet. If that doesn’t happen when you guys initially meet, it will probably not happen on the day of your event. Keep these points in mind and you should be confident that you selected the right disc jockey.


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