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Plan a Super Sweet 16 Party in Michigan

May 19, 2010 by  
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Any high school student will tell you that their teen years are important. This goes for guys and girls. Once you become 16, you can drive your own car, and start expanding on your newly found privileges. In a majority of countries, the celebration of their 16th birthday symbolizes the transfer from child to adult. For many cultures turning sixteen symbolizes a coming of age, the teenagers becoming adults. If you are planning a party, then you will need a Michigan DJ. Besides that there are a handful of other things you will need to keep in mind.

What Sweet 16 Theme

It is a good idea to get the celebrate involved with the party planning details. Find out what kind of vibe they want to create at the party. You can make the event as casual or dressy as you like. Another fun way to work in your theme is by having the attire centered around the theme. For example if you are planning an all white party, then the guests would have to wear all white in order to attend. If you decide on having a formal gathering, then you might stick with more traditional formalities (waltzes, gowns, dances). You can even decided on a semi-formal theme with guests dressed in casual appropriate clothing. Regardless of what kind of expectations you set on attire, it is important to let you guests know. This can easily be done by including the attire on the invitations.

Your parties theme should be thought up by the person being recognized. Their music, tastes, style, and hobbies should be incorporated at every level of the planning. They might decide on a Willie Wonka theme, or maybe Hollywood. Use this theme in all your details. If it is Willie Wonka, have guests dress in crazy costumes, hollywood would be classy chic. Another fun theme is sports. You can have guests play games and activities during the event to keep them involved.

Their are a variety of themes that can give you a unique elegant feel. If you want to go with Mardi-Gras, then use multi colored beads and masks. Encourage guests to dress up like celebrities for the Glam themes. You might want to mix it up a bit and choose and a fairytale theme to reminisce of childhood past. Activities that work well with any theme are hula hoop, ballon pop, how low can you go, dance offs, and karaoke.

The person’s passage into adulthood is typically symbolized by a sweet 16 party. The traditions accompany the type of Sweet 16 party you are planning. For example, you might have the shoe removal, or tiara ceremony, dances, or candle lighting. A first dance is usually done with the father right before the dance floor is opened. I the shoe removal, the parent will take off their current flat footed shoe and replace it with a high heel. This also will symbolize their passage into adulthood as a woman. The tiara ceremony is usually done with the shoe removal. Just a quick tip, this can be done separately.

The tiara is put on the person’s head by a family member, which is the symbolism of becoming a woman. During the candle lighting ceremony, the guests of honor will light candles and dedicate each one to an important person in their life. Besides saying their names, they can also give little speeches on their behalf. As a word of advice, this tradition can also have the roles reversed where guests would speak for the guests of honor.

Plan a Super Sweet 16 Party in Michigan

What about the music, did you consider that? Besides having a live band, you might want to have a DJ entertainer. This will keep the party going for the duration while your guests are there. Not only do teenagers like to dance, but all your family will enjoy it. Once your traditions are done, the dance floor will open and then it is your entertainers just to get them dancing. Besides music, you could also add some fun by having a photo booth. Guests love pictures and they will be in your booth the entire night. Not only will you be able to create a scrapbook, but they can take their photo strips home with them. This is not the only add on, you might also want to add some uplighting fixtures to highlight the room. No matter how you are planning your sweet 16, try to keep it unique by including the YOU element. If you do the above, then you should have no problem having fun at your own party!


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