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The Top 10 Party Songs

July 19, 2011 by  
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#10. Fight For Your Right by Beastie Boys

It’s been a while since this song came out and most people are still asking themselves, “was Fight For Your Right a college party anthem or something more?” The song debuted in 1986 from three rude emcees, with the guidance from producer Rick Rubin. The song boasts amazing power chords 80’s hair bands would die for. The song comically touches on issues typical teenager encounter. Since then the group has grown but Fight is still the song that they are most known for.

#9. The Message by Grand Master Flash

Back in the day, rap was considered party music. With all the slang, most people would have disregarded it’s social influence. It wasn’t until Grand Master Flash came about that he gave a conscience to the lyrics. This was a post Regan era with poverty, drugs, and gang related activities. His lyrics captured the attention of listeners with a funky electronic beat that stretched 7 plus minutes. The message foreshadowed the road that rap would travel down

#8. My Name Is by Eminem

Mix a little bit of Bart Simpson, Ted Bundy, and Johnny Rotten and you get Eminem. Coming out of a trailer park in Detroit, America was not ready for the hardcore lyrical genius of Marshall Mathers. His single came out in 1999 and with the help of Dr. Dre, he left his impact on the world. I gotta say, this was one crazy way to introduce yourself.

#7. In Da Club by 50 Cent

50 Cent did a lot of damage to the street cred of other well known rappers. Because of this he was a prime candidate for Columbia Records. After being shot, he was immediately dropped from their label (so much for dissing other rappers). He was later signed to Shady Records and his first chart topper was In Da Club. The song gives you an idea about the type of background 50 comes from. He chants the phrase Go over and over again giving the low tempo song an uplifting cadence. He sold over 800,000 albums in 4 days.

#6. Like a Prayer by Madonna

In the spring of 1989, Madonna once again set the world on fire with her controversial release of Like a Prayer. If you haven’t seen the youtube video yet, then go check it out. It is pretty self explanatory why the song got so much attention. It even went as far as people attempting to boycott her sponsors because of the video. Because of this Pepsi had to pull an ad that had both Madonna and her song in it. Madonna had a Catholic upbringing, so she knew easiest way to interest a child, just tell them they can’t go into that room… they’re going to go into that room.

#5. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

The 4 chord riff from this song is so simple that everybody gets it. It was 1991 and teenagers everywhere were looking for a revolution. Kurt Cobain thought he could be the one to inspire them, and so Smells Like Teen Spirit was born. It was the birth of a culture of metal/alternative/commercial radio. People keep looking for the next Teen Spirit, even though Teen Spirit wasn’t meant to be the next anything.

#4. One by U2

This hit gained a lot of attention from listeners. Some fans would tell the band that they used the song for their wedding or funeral, but really the song was about breaking up. Without this song the band might have broken up… literally. All the members where at a stand still, almost like a music road block. They were in the process of changing their sound to a more electronic rhythm. The song was recorded in a studio near the Berlin Wall, but it gave a depressing vibe to their sessions since it would take more than breaking down the wall to unify the country. Daniel Lanois heard pieces of a song that Bono and Edge made up and encouraged them to combine them, from that One was born. One never became number 1, but it did garnish a lot of attention. It is a ballad of struggle and fellowship.

#3. Sweet Child ‘O Mine by Guns ’N Roses

I gotta say, this track is one of my personal favorites. People from all generations can relate to GNR. It’s ironic, but this song almost never happened! They were living in a house in north of downtown LA with no real furniture. It was Slash who created the melodic tune as a joke to the band. The tune inspired Axl to finish some lyrics that he was writing about his then girlfriend, model Erin Everly. At that moment the complete song popped into his head and Sweet Child O Mine was born. Released in 1988, fans embraced the song, and it resonated with the core of GNR fan base. The music video was shot in an abandoned ballroom in South LA, and it captured his signature side stepping/kicking/swaying dance. The song is timeless good thing it was a beautiful mistake.

#2. Bombs Over Baghdad by Outkast

It was 1999 when Outkast was on tour in England for their Aquemini album. One of the band members turned on the radio and the reporter mentioned something about bombs over Baghdad… the phrase stuck and Andre decided to apply it to a new track he was working on. The beat was part funk with focused instrumental breakdowns. The song went beyond the norm with hypnotic chords and chaotic bass lines. It went on to grace the billboard charts at number 69, while another song (Ms. Jackson) took the number one spot. B.O.B. faded from the distance but remained in listeners memories with the Gulf War. As in the words of Andre 3000, “Don’t pull that thang out unless you plan to bang”.

#1. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Remember back in the day before reality TV and being politically correct – MJ had the world mesmerized with his musical talent. The song came about back in 1982 when Jackson was driving on the freeway. Coming back from a recording session with Quincy Jones, he Michael was obsessed with the track trying to put words to it. As a matter of fact, he was so focused on the session that he failed to realize his Rolls Royce was on fire while driving down the freeway. The song was released in 1982 and hit no. 1 immediately and was one of the most recognizable tracks on celebrity stalking. We hope you enjoyed our rendition of the Top 10 party songs!

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