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Top Prom Themes

June 22, 2010 by  
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Top prom themes, give debate over which ones are the best. It is very easy to get clashing ideas and variations in opinions. To help you out, I have complied a short list of my own favorites. I think its important to note the success of the prom’s theme is somewhat dependent on the type of student body it involves. The participant’s attire, the decorations, and the venue are all dependent on the theme of the prom. But it is up to you and your committee to determine which one will fit best for the upcoming social year..

A romantic prom theme is always a hit. Themes such as Cinderella or This Moment Forever further emphasize the significance of the event. Common elements of romantic themes are a ballroom locale or decorations and/or backdrops to give the feel of a ballroom.  Deep colors are normally used as accent colors, some examples of romantic theme colors are black and gold or deep blue and black.

Fun themes such as Mardi Gras or Casino are enjoyed by both male and female prom attendants. Mardi Gras theme colors are purple, green, and gold; balloons, streamers, and confetti should be these colors. Masks and party beads can be used as decorations and favors for the guests to wear and take home with them. Casino theme focuses on casino games such as roulette, dice, and playing cards. Decorations and favors for this event can be playing cards, dice, and poker chips . Casino theme colors are dark red, black, and white with gold being used also.

Hollywood themes allow all prom attendants to feel like their favorite celebrities for the night. A red carpet movie premiere theme will give the feel of them being the star of the newest hit movie. The colors for this theme are black, red, and silver. The decorations are a red carpet (of course), film strips, and stars.

Destination prom themes are fun way of adding an extra element to the night, a romantic getaway locale. Paris, Egypt, and the Caribbean are some of the numerous locations you can use as your destination prom’s theme. Famous landmarks can be used as decorations such as the Pyramids for an Egyptian theme and the Eiffel Tower for a Parisian theme.

No matter which theme you choose for your prom the success of the prom depends on the attendants of the prom. Allow the students to have some say in the planning and they will be more excited about the prom. Students will have tons of ideas for which themes might work. It is a good way to get the creative juices flowing. Good luck with planning a night of memories that will last a lifetime.


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