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Unique Wedding Favor Donation

June 11, 2011 by  
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Jeremy and Amy had a great idea, that they would make a unique wedding favor donation on behalf of all their guests to the Living Water International. They are a charitable non-profit organization that help families in need all around the world. Your contribution goes towards clean drinkable water, which is necessary to health and everyday life. There are some people that don’t have access to the same conveniences we do. They have been around for over 20 years and have served over 26 countries with 10,000 water projects. After browsing their website, I started to learn more about how much this non-profit is impacting countries overseas.

What our client did was get hundreds of pamphlets and placed them on the dinner plates. I first noticed them when I walked into the room. Since I was curious, I picked it up and started reading about the organization. I soon realized that Amy and Jeremy made a considerable donation on behalf of every guests. I have never seen this done before and couldn’t help but think of how original this idea was. I just had to share this favor idea on the website so our viewers could get inspirations from this.

This was the perfect place to put the unique wedding favor donation. Every guest quickly knew about the contributions that were already made. Quickly family and friends started to talk about the Living Water International and it sparked up conversations at every banquet table. As little as $5.00 can bring fresh water to a child and teach a mother and father how to stop the contamination that makes their family ill. A donation so small can make such a difference when you multiple it by hundreds of people.

This organization is saving lives and changing families and this small unique wedding favor idea is what brings together families and communities. So for your upcoming wedding reception, take a step outside your comfort zone and be bold. There are many ways you can create a wedding favor that displays your passion and interests. Giving a charitable donation is a kind gesture that your guests will remember when they look back on your wedding day. The more ways you personalize your wedding the better. They say it’s the small details that really matter. Make sure your celebration is an expression of how you to feel, not just about yourself, but how you feel about others as well.
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