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Wedding Ceremony Etiquette for Bridesmaids

November 10, 2010 by  
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So the wedding day is coming up and your ceremony is almost here. I bet you are getting excited but a little nervous not to screw up your role in the celebration. If you are a guest, then you will have less responsibility. No matter what, you will want to be on your P’s and Q’s and most importantly, your etiquette. There are a few things to keep in mind for what to do and what not to do at a wedding ceremony. To give you some ideas, we listed helpful rules in our article below. Read our list for 6 helpful points that every bridesmaid should  never forget.

Rules for Your Wedding Ceremony

1.) Always smile! This is called stage presence. All eyes are on the guests of honor and bridal party. So keep smiling, you want to leave a lasting impression for their family and friends. The photographer might catch a photo of you at an inappropriate time. It is hard to photo shop awkward faces/position.

2.) Remember the whole ceremony is videotaped. Many brides watch the video later in horror as their bridal party looks bored. Worse yet, they mouth words to guests that are seated. Make sure you give the ceremony your undivided attention. Your chest should be aimed at the most important people in the room… the bride and groom.

3.) Make sure you keep up on your bridal party responsibilities. If you’re the Maid of Honor, then make sure you know where the grooms ring is at all times. Know when to adjust the bride’s train so she can move comfortably. If you notice a tangled train, then fix it ASAP. The bride and groom will thank you later. It would be a shame for someone to trip on the train when a quick adjustment would have fixed it.

4.) If you start to feel faint, step outside and sit down. Nobody wants you to fall face first during the ceremony. To prevent from fainting, breathe slowly and deeply. Remember to never lock your knees. Most importantly, keep hydrated, especially if it is a hot afternoon. Have water bottles available at the church so other guests won’t have this problem with fainting.

5.) Make sure to meet the eyes of the bride every so often. She needs the moral support from her close friends. It will be helpful during emotion times of the ceremony. If the photographer or videographer captures these moments it will make it more sentimental.

6.) Understand that there may be some interesting traditions during the ceremony. This includes a candle lighting, breaking of the glass, pouring of the sand, and  even special songs/poems. Be supportive and understanding. If you follow the wedding ceremony etiquette we listed above for bridesmaids, then this will make the bride and groom happy.


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